Selasa, 28 Februari 2017

Learning From Nature

Nature is all around us. It is there wherever we go, not only in big aspects but also in the smallest form. There is a wide range of different conception and opinion people have on this critical subject matter. Some describe nature as the physical world and everything in it such as plants, animal, land, air, water, mountains, etc. It is also sometimes described as the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including features and products of the earth, as opposed to man-made or human creations.
We as humans know what nature is, but somehow we rarely take it into account. Sometimes humans are too busy in their modern and civilized world that they forget the basic yet vital aspect they need in their life. Even though there are countless ways we can get in touch with nature and all its components, we don’t take that in our advantage. Before technology, all humans had was nature and the environment around their living area. As time passed and more advanced living skills were adapted into daily activities, we somehow forget about the simple but important aspect in our life, which is nature.
Although the application and use of nature in this era, the globalization era, is much different than that of the historical era, it is still of much use to every living thing especially humans. Hundreds of years ago, nature benefits the people by providing all kinds of things such as food, shelter, tools and knick-knacks, weapons, and more. Back then, they had no clue of what anything was and so they had to make use of their minds and figure out how to live by accepting and using what they had then. Humans now should take the good example of cavemen then. There are lots of aspects of nature and ways we can take advantage of it in our lives.
Nature as beautiful as it is has always inspired human progeny for years and years and continues to inspire up until now as well. One of the things that can inspire us from nature is the beautiful rising sun that shines and paints the sky form dawn till dusk. When it appears, there is a sense of optimism and happiness in the air. The mere coming up of the sun and the bright shine it lets out not only rejuvenates us but also makes us ready for the day ahead. However dark the night was, there will be always be light the next day. From this, we learn that if nothing goes well, there will always be a bright side to it.
Another aspect of nature is the river that gushes down toward the sea awaiting its unison. Well aware of the intricate path, it continues to flow. Human nature has always been evident of choosing their own path, which often has less obstacles and efforts. The lesson we can take from rivers would be to face every difficulty with equal energy and flow with whatever the outcome is.
Each season nature brings has its own message for us. Winter brings cozy chills, while spring gets us jolly blossoms. Summer brings us warmth, while wet monsoon brings us sweet fragrance. It is important for us to decipher this message however we feel as long as it brings goodness to us.

There are so much more things we can learn from nature. We might not always feel it, but by learning from nature’s aspects, we can shape ourselves to be a better individual.

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