Selasa, 31 Januari 2017

Knows No Weariness

As a human being, we can’t live alone. We need others in our life to help us with some things that we can’t do ourselves. There’s no limit as to who may help you and what they may help you with. It might be a kid below your age or even an elderly.

One of the people who have been helping me a lot is my driver. His name is Yana but I usually call him Om Yana. He has been working for my parents on and off for almost 6 years. He works every day except for Sunday, and for most days he works from 5 a.m. until 7 p.m. or even later. His job is very hard because he has to synchronize with the schedule of 5 people with different activities and different needs. My brothers and I get off from school at different times; sometimes early in the afternoon and sometimes late at night. Plus, my mum often has to go to work in Jakarta; therefore he has to wake up very early so that my mum can catch her meeting.

Different from any other driver that have worked at my house, Om Yana is very patient. His patience is often tested whenever any of us has a change of schedule and didn't tell him soon enough. Another example is when he has to wait for hours because we come out of school late. During these 6 years, I've grown very comfortable with his style of driving and time management because he’s very easy to contact whenever I need to be picked up or driven somewhere.

Sometimes I forget to appreciate the little things that happen and also the people who help me. But I know that I would be helpless without him or even with a different driver to help me around. 

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