Selasa, 15 November 2016

Questions on Nelson Mandela

1. Nelson Mandela grew up up in a/an... environment.
a. friendly
b. unjust
c. fair
d. dull
e. righteous

2. Why did he think that the Apartheid system was cruel?
a. because it controlled his life
b. because his people were being looked after
c. because of the injustice done by the black nation
d. because he was in prison
e. because the white-ruled government wasn't fair on the black nation

3. What was Mandela known for before his imprisonment?
a. his political views
b. his childhood
c. his fight for freedom against the government
d. his knowledge on the government
e. his courage to fight in the army

4. Why was Mandela's presidency special?
a. he was the first ever president of South Africa
b. he was the first president to be imprisoned for 27 years
c. he received the Nobel Peace Prize as a president

d. he was the first black president, and the first to be elected in a fully democratic election
e. he was one of a kind

5. What effect did Nelson Mandela have on the people of South Africa?
a. they were free from being held captive
b. they used to have equal rights
c. they can finally live their lives like before
d. they can live productively with equal rights
e. they live producing comfortable right

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