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1. Where does the opening of the story take place?
a. In the village
b. In the woods, under a tree
c. In a tree house, deep in the forest
d. In a cabin, in the woods
e. In a tiny cottage, in the woods

2. Which character acts as the antagonist in the story?
a. Hansel and Gretel
b. The father and the witch
c. The stepmother
d. The stepmother and the witch
e. The woodcutter

3. What did Hansel and Gretel do when their stepmother abandoned them?
a. They tried to find their way back home
b. They ran as fast as they could
c. They scattered breadcrumbs through the forest
d. They were eaten by the witch
e. They went to the a house made of chocolate, cookies, and bread

4. Why did Hansel and Gretel think that they were going to be eaten?
a. Because they're fat
b. Because they were being fed so much food by the witch
c. Because the house was made of  chocolate
d. Because there was something wrong with the witch
e. Because there was a big pot

5. Based on the story, we can tell that...
a. They were a prosperous family
b. This story was taken from a past experience
c. The witch means no harm
d. They lived in a civilized town
e. The two children learnt a valuable lesson

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